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    Enjoy easy access to top map sites and get turn-by-turn directions to any destination. Check travel time, distance and alternate route suggestions.

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    Get real-time traffic reports for your transit routes. Avoid road closures and find faster routes while driving to and from your destination. You can also save and share directions online.

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    Personalize & plan your journey with access to public transit such as bus routes, metro routes, subway schedules & walking directions online.

  • Alternate, customized search

    Love browsing the web? With the Map My Directions extension, enjoy free access to custom web search from your new tab.

  • Enter Start & End Points

    Get turn-by-turn and step-by-step directions to and from any location you would like. Find routes that are updated daily to get the most optimized directions available. Use our trip planner to start organizing your journey now.

  • Mileage and Distance Calculator

    Calculate mileage, distance, expenses and more with Map My Directions. Save distances to and from multiple points with ease. Locate popular locations and plan you journey with the leader in maps and directions.